Platinum manual

Johnson Matthey’s Introduction to Platinum covers every aspect of working in this versatile metal, whether casting, fabricating, finishing, or setting.

JMNY An Introduction to Platinum

Platinum’s key benefits to the jeweler are ductility, strength hot or cold, the ability to create fine detail, easy soldering, oxidation resistance and its ability to set stones dead.  All rework, resizing and repair operations are possible.  Platinum can successfully combine originality and innovation with ease of production, practicality and consumer satisfaction and the metal is firmly established as the premium metal. Its superior mechanical and chemical qualities permit the production of jewelry designs that would otherwise stay on the drawing board.

Johnson Matthey is delighted, therefore, to be able to share its own knowledge, along with those of recognized jewelry industry experts, of working the metal in its technical manual and tutorials, first published in 2001, but as relevant now as ever.

An Introduction to Platinum is aimed at helping manufacturers and designers learn and perfect the skills and processes needed to work platinum.  You can either view the sections in your browser by clicking below, or click here to download the full publication.

Also listed in our Platinum tutorials section, as a taster, are a series of technical briefs extracted from the technical manual, for an approachable focus on each aspect of working the metal.

The documents are supplied in PDF format suitable for printing, or for use on screen, tablet or smartphone.

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